March 2015
-By Kirk Hoffman-

My life experience allows me a unique perspective in regard to top teachers.  I come from a long line of educators.  My great-great grandfather helped found two universities and was the president of a third.  My great grandfather was a teacher, professor, and university president.  My grandmother was a public school teacher.  Both of my parents were public school teachers.  My wife works for Jackson Public Schools and my daughter is a public school teacher.

I also have worked in financial planning since 1986 and obtained my Certified Financial Planner™ certification in 2003.  This background has let me see the effect that top teachers have on individuals, businesses, and communities.

Over the years, I have witnessed individuals sharing the positive impact that my family of educators has had on their lives.  They’ve been thankful for the encouragement that they received as students.  They’ve appreciated having an adult in their life that cared about them.  They were happy to have someone help them identify their gifts and strengths and get them passionate about it.  They were thankful that someone was successful in inspiring them to go after their dreams.  They were grateful for the preparation that they received that made them successful in their careers.  Some of these appreciative students even became top teachers themselves.

I have also seen the impact of top teachers in working with individuals on their financial plans over the last 28 years.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with executives, business owners, and high net worth individuals.  A common theme among these accomplished individuals is how they equate their success to the educational opportunities that they had, and the teachers and professors that influenced them.  The individuals I’ve worked with who are supervisors within their companies report that the educational experience of their employees has a positive impact on the life of the entire company. The cumulative effect of top teachers positively impacts business success and entire communities.

From my perspective, we all benefit from having top teachers in our community.  Therefore, it is important to encourage those teachers and be supportive of educators in our community.  Financial and moral support is critical.  I know from my own family experience how difficult and frustrating the teaching profession can be at times.  Entering the teaching profession has been much more challenging for my daughter than it was for my parents.  My wife and I have been long time supporters of Jackson Public Schools.  Both of our daughters graduated from Jackson High.  They had a good experience, received a great education, and had some wonderful teachers.  They were well prepared to move on to university and have been successful there.  We’ve also been pleased and impressed over the years with how the Jackson community values education and supports the schools in the district. 

The Jackson business community, especially local manufacturers, have done an impressive job in collaboration with the schools.  My family of educators appreciates the community and business support, and encourages our community to continue that support.  Top teachers do make a difference.

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