Tending To Your Financial House

Neglect your home and it will crumble,

neglect your yard and you will stumble,

neglect your finances and they will humble.

Soon, winter will let go of its frigid grip.  We will experience thunder storms and the rain will bring the grass, flowers and trees back to life … we promise.  Deer will be seen grazing in open fields, and birds will wake us with their morning serenades while they prepare their nests. 

It seems like warmer weather stirs a desire in us to get busy tackling home improvements both inside and out.  Some of your projects may be small ‘do-it-yourself’ tasks, while others may involve a little more help in getting them accomplished.  Whatever your situation, you want it done right.

When tending to our financial house, we can have some of the same experiences.  There are those who are comfortable ‘doing-it-themselves’.  They enjoy understanding the math related to retirement planning, analyzing various scenario outcomes, and selecting what they believe is an appropriate investment allocation.  

However, a more common experience we encounter, is the couple who has ideas and a variety of concerns, but they could use a little help putting it all together.  They don’t want to learn the financial equivalent of sweating a copper pipe, taping drywall or building a retaining wall. 

Here are a few similarities an effective home improvement and financial professional share:

·      They start by listening and asking questions – Your vision, dreams and goals are what matter, not their agenda.

·      They reiterate back to you what they hear to make sure everyone is on the same page.

·      They share additional thoughts, potential obstacles and other options you may not have considered.

·      They provide opportunities for input along the way making sure you are comfortable with the course of action you are taking.

·      They make sure the job is completed to your satisfaction.

Of course, the timeline for a home improvement project is usually shorter than what is needed to fulfill the legacy you desire, but the similarities remain.  A thoughtful qualified adviser can help you understand and avoid the potential mistakes so many investors make because they try to do it themselves. 

Whether it is a home or financial improvement you seek to complete this year, remember there is no shame in seeking assistance, especially when you consider how a professional can help you achieve a reality that is better than you could have accomplished on your own … with less stress and worry.

With attention and care - your home won’t crumble, your steps won’t stumble and your finances won’t humble.  Best to you in 2014.

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