A Woman Worth Becoming

By Caitlin Koppelman
-October 2015-

As a woman who is young in my career, I often wonder about things like: How do I become truly successful? What traits do successful business women possess? What sets a woman apart from the crowd as a leader and influencer both in business and in her personal life? I suspect that many women share these questions, regardless of their career stage or their position with their current company.  

The book of Proverbs provides a wealth of wisdom that I find applicable in all areas of my life. I recently rediscovered how affectively this book provides answers to some of these questions. Regardless of a person’s spiritual beliefs, the characteristics that the woman in one particular proverb possesses are to be admired. Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • She works with eager hands
  • She is an entrepreneur
  • She is a vigorous worker
  • She is well equipped for the work given to her
  • Her trading in the marketplace is profitable
  • She puts in extra time to accomplish the goal
  • She is generous
  • She dresses well
  • Her business supplies materials to other businesses
  • She is strong & noble
  • She has no fear of the future
  • Her children and her husband call her blessed
  • She is worthy of the reward she has earned
  • Her works bring her and her family praise and respect

What an incredible list! As I read through this portion of the book, I can even see the path to becoming this astonishing woman: she applies herself to gain wisdom and understanding, she postures herself in humility, she honors the gifts and talents she’s been given, and reveres the Source of those things. 

Towards the end of this proverb, we’re even shown some details about traits we as women can be persuaded to use as leverage to gain success. The author says that, “Charm can mislead and beauty fades”. It’s true that a woman needs to take care of her physical appearance and that charisma has a place in the business world, but the results of a career built on those things alone won’t last.

The path to success in the business world is littered with distractions, snares, and pitfalls. When I find gems, like those in the book of Proverbs, I hear this clarion call to us as women in the marketplace: It is possible to be women of integrity and lasting character, who are effective leaders in the business world!

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